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Wax Foundation - Medium

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In order to give your bees a great start for building comb in their hive, we offer 100% pure beeswax foundation. Our foundation is of the highest quality and has perfectly milled cells with deep and exact walls. We believe that pure beeswax foundation is best for the bees as it closest resembles what they build themselves in the wild. From our experience, it’s much more difficult to get a newly installed package of bees going on plastic foundation than it is on beeswax foundation. We have found that honey bees prefer beeswax foundation over plastic. On the other hand, plastic foundation is much less time consuming to prepare because you can put it in a hive as soon as you get it. Beeswax foundation needs a bit of preparation before placing it into your hive. This involves adding extra support especially with frames and foundation that contain honey being extracted with a centrifugal extractor. Our 5 5/8” wired foundation is “crimp” wired vertically with 9 wires. Each of these wires has a steel hook on the top allowing for the foundation to be secured at the top of the frame. For any size of wired foundation, it is important to use wedged top bar and grooved bottom bar frames. This type of frame has a small horizontal piece of wood (“the wedge”) attached to the top bar. The wedge can be pried off and nailed back on once the foundation hooks are placed. It is the piece that holds the foundation securely on the top bar of the frame. We do strongly recommend to also cross-wire this foundation horizontally. Cross-wiring adds extra strength and support for the comb especially during extraction as mentioned above. It is not necessary to cross wire foundation that will be used in the brood boxes. Use 5 5/8” wired foundation with 6 ¼” wedged top bar frames and 6 5/8” medium supers (also known as western supers or honey supers). WHEN TO REPLACE YOUR WAX FOUNDATION? The only pitfall that we've found in using beeswax foundation is that pure beeswax can tend to absorb toxins, medication and pesticides from the hive over a period of time. We recommend to replace your beeswax foundation every 3 to 4 years to keep your hive healthy, happy and producing honey. *Frame Not Included

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