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Propolis Trap

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An extra way to make money with beekeeping is by collecting propolis and selling it along with your honey. Propolis is known as a natural antibiotic and many people use it as a part of their regular health routine. Our flexible propolis trap is made of plastic and is very durable to last for many seasons. INSTRUCTIONS To use, position the Weller Bee propolis trap in place of the inner cover and remove when it is full. The best time to use a propolis trap is in late summer after the last summer harvest. As temperatures fall, the bees will start to seal the gaps to insulate their hives. It is also helpful to prop the lid of the hive open a bit to let the sunshine in, this will cause the bees to fill the gaps in the trap even faster. Remove the trap from the hive late fall/early winter and place into a plastic garbage bag. Then place the bag into the freezer overnight. It's much easier to remove frozen propolis from the trap. To remove the propolis from the trap, hold it over a bin with both hands and twist to dislodge the propolis. You can also use your hive tool to scrape the propolis off the trap. Sift through the propolis in the bin and remove any foreign particles (bees, wood, etc.). Store your harvested propolis in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

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