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Observation hive

Observation-Hive-1.jpgObservation hive
Observation-Hive-2.jpgObservation hive with door openObservation-Hive-3.jpgObservation hive with door open and Black Frames insideObservation-Hive-4.jpgVents at the top of the observation hive


The observation hive is designed to be able to see the bees working while not having the fear of the bees escaping. These can be mounted inside with a exit hole that is outside, so the bees can come and go as they wish.

The Hive features two door that can be opened to view either side of the hive. Both sides have plexiglass in place to keep the bees inside. The observation hive can hold 9 deep frames. (Frames are sold separately)

SKU: obhive

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