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Hive Top Feeder with Floating Racks - 8 Frames

8 Frame FLoating Rack Feeder.jpg
8 Frame Floating Rack Feeder - 3.jpg


The hive top feeder with floating racks is designed so you can pour in sugar syrup with the feeder on top of the hive. The floating racks will float cutting down on the number of bees that may drown in the syrup, while still giving the bees easy access at the top of the hive but preventing other bees from stealing their food. This is a very versatile multipurpose addition for the hive. This floating rack feeder can be used a few different ways 1. Use both troughs and feed heavy in the spring to get your bees up and going faster. 2. Leave this on all throughout the summer and use for storage, keep a notepad in the trough or use it to collect the bur comb you scrape off the frames. 3. In the winter fill the troughs with sawdust to act as a large moisture absorbent.

SKU: D-2-2-010

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