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2 Frame Stainless Extractor

3Frame-Extractor.jpgHoney Extractor


The 2 Frame Stainless Extractor with Stand and Hand Crank, Holds Deep, Medium, and Shallow Frames. The hard part is over and you're ready to harvest! This sturdy and high-quality 100% food grade stainless steel hand crank extractor is perfect for getting every last bit of honey out of your frames.

This extractor holds two frames in deep, medium, and shallow frame styles so you can harvest your honey as quickly as possible. The crank is Non reversible. Although, the hand crank is non-reversible it is also  clutch driven so, when you stop turning the handle can hang free without continuing to spin the extractor cradle. The clutch driven handle allows for safer operation so you don't accidentally get caught by the handle while it's spinning. 


44" H X 26" W x 26" D


  • Extractor
  • Stand


**PLEASE NOTE** Extractors are Pickup only

SKU: 2frameextractor

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